Travel Health

Adetokunbo Alakija Memorial Travel Medicine Lecture

We are pleased to inform you that the Second (2nd) Edition of the Adetokunbo Alakija Memorial Travel Medicine Lecture would be holding on Wednesday, June 19th 2024. The Theme for this edition is: “Collaborative Platforms and Networks: Strengthening Travel Medicine in Nigeria. The keynote address would be delivered by: Dr. Olajide Idris, Director General, Nigeria […]

Travelling With A Heart Condition By Dr Ade Alakija Q-Life Advisory Services.

Heart disease whether congenital, hereditary or acquired can be life threatening and all necessary precautions to avoid worsening the condition should be taken. Heart related problems account for a high percentage of all in-flight medical emergencies and the risk of complications on board can be reduced by following a few simple steps. Air travel is […]

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