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Travel Medicine

The Nigerian Society of Travel Medicine (NSTM) is a society of doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other professionals who are involved in the promotion, development and implementation of Travel Medicine in Nigeria.

Founded in November 2018, NSTM is committed to the promotion and sensitization of travel medicine across the country and has a membership of over 35 members.

NSTM fosters research, the collaboration between practitioners and educational programming to serve as a guide and advocate for the practice of Travel Medicine in Nigeria with the health, safety and well-being of the traveller before travel, during travel and post-travel being a key priority.

The Vision of the Nigeria Society of Travel Medicine (NSTM) is to promote safe and healthy travel within and outside Nigeria for the traveller.

NSTM aims to guide and promote the development and practice of travel medicine across the country in collaboration with appropriate local and international bodies and government authorities. NSTM encourages education and research, and recognizes excellence in travel medicine.

  • Promote the practice of travel medicine across the country.
  • Advice appropriate government authorities on public health concerns related to travel.
  • Facilitate a community between practitioners of Travel Medicine.
  • Foster international collaborations and sponsorship in Travel Medicine. 
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