Travel Medicine

The Nigerian Society of Travel Medicine (NSTM) is a society of professionals dedicated to the development of Travel Medicine in Nigeria. Members include Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses and other travel related professionals. NSTM invites you to be a part of this forward-thinking society and participate in creating awareness and promoting the field of Travel Medicine.

Membership in the NSTM commences on the day of registration or renewal. This offers members immediate access to the society’s exclusive member portal on the website, and the member’s only WhatsApp group as well as many other benefits and incentives.

Benefits and Rewards

Rich Professionals Network

Access to the only network of professionals in the field of Travel Medicine through the exclusive members portal after signup.

WhatsApp Group Access

Access to the exclusive NSTM members-only WhatsApp Group Forum for information sharing and instant messaging service.

Access to Society's Events

Every registered NSTM member has access to participate in all programs, workshops,and conferences of the society

International Opportunitites

Opportunities for International collaborations and sponsorship for workshops/conferences and other programs that may be necessary.

Access to Online Resources

Access to online Travel Medicine resources such as Travax publications, and other top rated publications and journals.

Research Opportunities

Interesting research opportunities exist for local, national, and international (global) research in travel medicine related subjects.

Growth Contribution

Member will find several opportunities to contribute to both the mission and goals of NSTM thereby influencing the organization's growth.

Advisory Services

NSTM members receive sustainable professional advice from highly experienced colleagues on how to set up Travel Medicine Clinics.

Membership Types

Student Member

Membership in the NSTM begins on the day of registration or renewal. Members will have immediate access to the society exclusive members’ portal on the website and also, the access to the members’ only WhatsApp group as well as many other benefits and incentives.

Membership dues is ₦50,000 annually, paid into the account:
Nigerian Society of Travel Medicine
0503165375 (NGN Account)
0503165382 (USD Account)
Guaranty Trust Bank Limited

*** Please note that membership is individually held and cannot be transferred to another person.


Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Nigerian Society of Travel Medicine (NSTM).
We are a society of professionals with one goal “To promote the practice of Travel Medicine in Nigeria”. We trust you will find your membership tenure educational, informative and productive. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or difficulties in processing your membership.

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