Year: 2020

Fitness To Fly Certificate And COVID- 19 Immunity Passport By Adeniyi Bukola

A fit to fly letter is a medical certificate written by a doctor that confirms your fitness to fly. Doctors can verify if you can travel safely by reviewing your symptoms, medical history, and examination if necessary. When do I need a fitness to fly certificate? Aircraft cabin pressure is like that on a 5000 […]

Executive Travel Health: Cruise Ships And Cruises

During the last decade, the cruise industry has been the tourism sub-sector with the highest growth rate.  Despite the Titanic, Zebrugge & Estonia disasters, the travellers on high standard luxury liners are usually quite safe.  Current data shows cruise travel is steadily on the rise with a projected 27.2 million passengers expected to set sail […]

Asthma: A Travel Message – Is It A Storm or Fair Weather?

Important Tips: Before booking your holidays, Discus with your Travel Health Advisor or Asthma Nurse. Make sure your asthma is well controlled before Travel. Carry important Contact numbers on your person, including your doctors and the recommended doctor at your destination. If your asthma is normally well controlled, you should be able to go sightseeing, […]

Travelling With A Heart Condition By Dr Ade Alakija Q-Life Advisory Services.

Heart disease whether congenital, hereditary or acquired can be life threatening and all necessary precautions to avoid worsening the condition should be taken. Heart related problems account for a high percentage of all in-flight medical emergencies and the risk of complications on board can be reduced by following a few simple steps. Air travel is […]

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